The WikiWeek: September 9, 2011



Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe may be suffering from prostate cancer.

A fake uranium heist in Namibia.

Nigerian politicians are making money off of oil theft.


Is Uzbekistan using its supply route to Afghanistan to mess with Russia?

150 NATO flights cross into Pakistani airspace each day.

Singaporean journalists claim they're restricted from reporting bad news about the government.

Even more revelations about Thailand's royal family.

The lavish lifestyle of Indian Dalit leader Mayawati (who says Julian Assange has "gone mad" for spilling the details).

China wanted to invest in U.S. banks during the 2008 financial meltdown.


Vladimir Putin's beef with Estonia.


Saudi Arabia wants the United States to give it Predator drones to use in Yemen.

Israeli military official: "We don't do Gandhi very well."



Robert Mugabe has reportedly been badly shaken by the WikiLeaks revelations.

Has WikiLeaks lost its mojo now that the State Department cables are all out?

Assange accuses the Guardian of "negligence" for its role in the inadvertent release of the unredacted State Department cables.

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images